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As a childhood trauma recovery coach, I help survivors of childhood trauma and toxic family dysfunction who are ready to commit to deep inner healing. I help them break free from their recurring cPTSD patterns and heal their past wounds, so they can finally get out of the quicksand and gain control over their lives.

Together, my clients and I identify where and how their old patterns of self-abandonment, codependency, and emotional intoxication are showing up so they can heal the wounds of their past and start building safe, healthy, and loving relationships with themselves, others, and the world.

"We were hurt in relationship so we must heal in relationship" 

I also know what it feels like to live a lifetime under a cloud of toxic shame, guilt, & unworthiness. I spent the first 18 years of my life bound to family addiction, neglect, & narcissism. I then spent the next 17 years abandoning myself. Instead of facing the trauma that I had been through as a child, I spent my 20’s & 30’s numbing out so I didn't have to admit or feel how much pain I was in.

I chose alcohol, toxic gossiping, promiscuity, co-dependent relationships, people pleasing, & soul sucking jobs to keep the focus off of the root of my pain - my trauma. I focused on everyone around me so that I never had to come face to face with myself.

Like most of us who run from our past, I eventually hit a wall and when I did, I knew everything in my life had to change. I didn't know how, but I knew my life depended on figuring it out. That's slowly what I did over the last 8 years. I would love to help you do the same!

Lot's of Love,  Morgan

Hello love! I'm Morgan.I''m a 

Hello beautiful!
I'm Morgan. I am a...

part-time nomad

self-development junkie.

childhood trauma recovery coach.

trauma survivor.

"Feel it. The thing you don’t want to feel. Feel it, and be free." — Nayirrah Waheed

Client Love

Briana S.

Natalie S.

Emily P.

Finding Morgan was one of the best gifts I have recieved in a long time. I didn't even know coaching like this existed and it happened to fall into my lap at a very critical time in my life. I am extremely grateful for her and the work she does. Her passion is undeniable and contagious. I would recommend her to anyone!

My time with Morgan took me on a journey of self-realization. Her support was life-changing. What was important to me, was important to Morgan. She provided me with lifelong tools to tackle my mental, emotional, & physical roadblocks! Becasue of Morgan, I can now identify & successfully cut out toxic relationships.

Working with Morgan was life-changing to say the least! She is real, raw, honest, and cares like no one I've ever met. Today I feel more attuned with my mind: I know what my body truly needs and I understand how to live more purposefully. There is a new calmness to my disposition which in itself feels pretty badass!

Beth M

David K

Emily P.

From some serious, sad… Darkness

Emerging into….

Happiness, Hope, Belief, Tools, Strength

Life Now…

Belief that I will be ok or, should I say, GLORIOUS


The wisdom and blessings of an Earth Angel named Morgan who came along and brought magic and helped shift my energy attraction and get me to realize that the crazy clutter of my brain is all just stuff I make up (aka my old stories). So why not quit worrying (or at least try to learn how to) about the things I cannot control and acknowledge, but head off, evil intrusions into my lovely mind, leaving it free to feel the HUGE LOVE and appreciation for gifts born of privilege and some good decisions that have led me to be on the brink of all I have ever really wanted, reflecting my highest self. Thank you forever beth madison January 31 2019

My work with Morgan came at a critical crisis in life and I'm grateful for her loving and attentive and genuine approach to supporting positive change. She helped me start to change myself, rather than expect others to, or my life conditions to change. Good resources, reliable availability when needed, personal stories to relate to. I continue to do the work, but feel better able to look after myself after our work.

I had the great pleasure of working with Morgan durning one of her 14-day Restore Your Gut Health Group cleanses. I was nervous going into the program as it was a departure from my typical food routine. I am a stress eater and I love cheese, pasta, caffeine, and foods that (come to find out) have lots of hidden sugars. Morgan was so understanding and supportive of my apprehensions and food addictions…she is truly one of us! Come to find out, she grew up like me in a similar east coast family where there were no restrictions on foods and the adults we were surrounded by were not conscience of healthy food choices. She knew the types of withdrawals I would be feeling and was able to offer so much support, advice and delicious recipe ideas to get me through the cleanse. I took so much more away from the cleanse than I expected as well – I am able to substitute healthier versions for the foods I love and find myself reading labels and understanding them better…and my whole pantry has been overhauled, now I have great choices at my fingertips! I highly recommend Morgan as a health coach if you are truly looking for a supported and well-informed change in your life.

Sandra Y

My work with Morgan has been nothing short of transformational. I’ve learned so much about myself and my life, that I know I wouldn’t have learned with anyone else, or on my own. She coaches from a place of compassion and was genuinely passionate about my peace of mind. She listens intently not only to your words but also to what you’re revealing about yourself that you may not have noticed or realized. She sees a person’s gifts and capabilities and brings them to your awareness with gentle insistence. I love how she reminded me that this is hard work, I love her prompt and thoughtful compassion, and I’m so grateful that our paths crossed! The positive transformation of myself with just a short time was something that I never knew could EVER happen. Morgan, you are a gifted healer! Thank you.

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"Love is what you feel when you are in sync with the whole of who you are" - Abraham Hicks

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