It’s not just you, it’s common for childhood trauma to create a developmental delay, causing survivors to feel stuck and behind long after childhood. As a trauma survivor, one of the most challenging internal obstacles that I faced was a chronic feeling of being “behind” and “stuck.”  For so long, it felt as if no matter what […]

Why do I feel like I’m 10-15 years behind everyone else my age?

My childhood wasn’t that bad, was it? A guide to understanding childhood trauma.

We can’t begin to heal from the past until we acknowledge that we have a past to heal from trauma. I have clients who, even though they chose to work with me specifically because of my focus on childhood trauma, question if their childhood experiences were really that “traumatic.” Heck, I spent decades of my […]

How Complex PTSD creates long-term survival tools that can eventually stop protecting and start hindering your authentic self. For most of my life, upon meeting me, many would say I was shy, quiet, and even standoffish. I’ve had people in the past tell me I was hard to read and questioned if I like them. When I […]

Keeping quiet and playing small in response to childhood trauma.

Is your need for external validation, approval, and attention a complex trauma response?

As trauma survivors, in order to heal, we must bring awareness to our need for external validation and learn how to give ourselves the approval we desperately seek from others. I grew up with emotionally neglectful and unstable caretakers throughout every stage of my life, from birth through my twenties. Looking back, it’s kind of […]

As childhood trauma survivors, many of us we will do just about anything to avoid confrontation because, from our experiences, we grew to believe conflict equals abandonment. I grew up watching the adults in my life fight like cats and dogs nearly every day. I’m not talking about simple disagreements, I’m talking about in your face, […]

Why does conflict cause me so much overwhelm and anxiety?